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A gift of prophecy can be both wonderful and a curse. If you could change what you know will happen, what significance would that have on all that would have been touched by the prediction?

So then, this is about a journey, both physical and metaphysical: a journey that throughout has humour, passion, and happiness but also has life-changing consequences for the characters that walk this journey's path...

Philip Wickham's Lime Twigs and Dancing Iguanas is a clever mix of adventure, mystery and romance featuring engaging journeys - both personal and literal, throughout.
Once again there is the attention to detail readers of his other books will, by now, be familiar with.
This author clearly knows what it was to experience the incredible sights, characters, and richness of India at that time when to visit would be practically compulsory for any self respecting young man or woman with a sense of adventure and not satisfied with just wearing a colourful cheesecloth shirt.
Go on...jump on that psychedelic ( or should that be psychic? ) bus. Enjoy your trip.


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           Lime Twigs and Dancing Iguanas

Write with the passion and ecstasy of the madman that dances with lightning in his hands

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